Gamers.Vote Streaming kit

If you’d like to help us get spread the word, use our kit with overlays and panels on Twitch and your other favorite streaming sites.


Click the download button to pull up a full resolution file, then right click and “save as” to download. Or click the variants and panel button to download a .zip file with everything.

GV Sup Overlay Dec2018.png

Simple Overlay

This overlay stays out of the way and was designed with Fortnite in mind.

GV Blue Over Small 1 Dec2018.png

Gaming Overlay

A standard overlay that will work for any game and webcam combo.

GV Single Screen Simple.png

Single Camera

Clean and simple this overlay is great for singing, chatting or any single camera content.

All overlays thumb rev.jpg

Color Variants and Panel

We have color variances and the panel in one downloadable link here.


Put this panel under your stream and link to

Put this panel under your stream and link to