How do I Vote?

First you have to register to vote. Each state has its own rules. 38 states allow online registration... so you can register right now in those states. Others will send you a form. Click here to register. (Some states require registration 30 days before an election).

Where do I vote?

Go to for instructions re: where and how to Vote in your state.

Question:  When Do I need to register so that I can vote?

It depends on what state you live in. Check Vote.Gov to get all the rules. but, the easiest way to register is online -- and it only takes a couple of minutes.  38 States allow online registration (but make sure not to miss the deadlines!)  

How many Gamers can vote? 

 According to the pew research center, half of all US adults game. That's 133 Million potential voters. Making gamers one of the largest voting blocks in American history. 

What promotions are partners doing.

Each company/streamer/celebrity will be deciding what kinds of promotions fit them and their audience. Some examples are: in-game elements that enable gamers to register, messages with registration and voting information, and even virtual rewards for registration selfies. 

Who is behind Gamers.Vote?

The initiative was started by Henry Lipscomb (15) and his father Steve ( World Poker Tour Creator). They believe that democracy is better when more of us participate. Henry is a gamer and he helped his father understand that gamers are an enormous and growing group of voters. They are working with best-in-class gaming companies, gamers, and celebrities to help the gamer voice grow. 

Is Gamers.Vote political? 

The only purpose of Gamers.Vote is to encourage gamers to register and vote. No issues, no party preferences, no political agendas...

How do we get involved? 

Gamers.Vote is, by design, highly decentralized. If you are interested in helping, feel free to spread the word through any and all social media, streaming services and traditional media that you participate in or have access to. And, you can contact us any time at